Facial 101

Facial 101: Everything You’ve Always Wondered

We would like to share Veronica’s wonderful and informative post from her Blog The Four Threads!:


An esthetician breaks down everything you need to know about your next facial
Having ‘flawless’ skin has always felt like a carrot dangled out in front of me – so close, yet so far away. I’ve talked about how to make your makeup last and products I love, but never about facials and the importance of having a good skin care regimen. After all, out of all the body parts to be pampered, I’m pretty sure our face is the most overlooked.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve starting caring more and more about my skin (sorry future wrinkles!). Personally, I’ve always wondered what an esthetician does to your face, how often we should get a facial, how we can take care of our skin, etc. While I’m pretty well versed in the beauty world, I’m not an esthetician or dermatologist. So I’ve turned to the skincare gurus, Andrea and Elaine at Dermaplus for their expert advice. Check it out below…

How important are facials in maintaining a healthy skin care regimen?

Facials are essential and very important piece in maintaining a healthy skin care routine. Facials help to stimulate sluggish skin cells and regenerate production of new fresh healthy cells. The products used within facials treat the deepest layers of your skin. Even the facial massage has an important role in aiding circulation, cell production, turnover and assisting in further penetration of important ingredients! Each step and process during a facial plays an integral role in treating specific skin concerns and revealing new, fresh, healthy skin. Make sure to speak with your esthetician afterwards on what he/she recommends to help maintain the results!

What, exactly, takes place during a basic facial and what are some examples of “add-ons” that can be included in a facial?

Facials should be in-depth and completely customized to each individual’s skin needs and goals because we all have different skin types.

Our Signature Facial is a 70 minute treatment that includes:

  • deep and refreshing triple cleanse,
  • manual exfoliation, steam,
  • soothing enzyme exfoliation,
  • gentle yet thorough extractions,
  • mild glycolic treatment,
  • high frequency treatment,
  • relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage,
  • warm hand treatment,
  • finishing off with a customized 3 layer healing mask.

We suggest, talking with your esthetician if you’re having a “problem area” or any other issues with your skin so they can recommend a corrective treatment utilizing a Glycolic Peel, Microdermabrasion and a Soothing Collagen Facial Blanket.
How often do you recommend someone get a facial?

This really depends on the individuals skin care concern. Typically we recommend anywhere between 4-6 weeks to quarterly.

Are there any products you recommend to use in-between facials, for each skin type?

Like I said, we’re all about customization because no two skin types are alike, therefore no two skin regimes will be the same. Anything you can do that’s natural and free of chemicals is always a good idea. We hand blend our own professional grade Dermaplus Skin Care line, in house, because it allows us the ability to truly cater every product to custom fit every individuals skin. The skin care line is an all-natural, plant based, botanical and vitamin infused line that you can now order online.

Veronica: I’ve been using a few products from their skin care line and loving the: Chamomile Cleanser that foams up with water; the Salicylic Toner which is great for me because I’m prone to milia so the salicylic helps loosen up the skin; and their moisturizer which is super hydrating and doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy.¬†


Can you share a little with us about finding the “right place” to get a facial?

Finding the right skin care professional is key! It is important to do your research and really be sure you can trust where you are receiving your treatment. It’s always best to get a recommendation somewhere/someone but we also suggest reading the reviews on places like Yelp.

For the SF locals, what other services do you offer at Dermaplus?

We have facials (obviously!), waxing services, personalized spray tans, and a medical side for laser treatments. No matter what the service is, we’ll always provide you with a plan that is 100% tailored to you, because you are unique!


I hope y’all found this helpful! If you have any other skincare topics you’d like us to cover or questions, let me know in the comments below.

For the SF locals, I highly recommend Dermaplus. I’ve been going there for a few years now. Their staff is incredible, they make you feel relaxed and welcomed, and will work wonders on your face (because they have on mine!!) They’re located in the Marina on Union Street :)”

-Veronica, The Four Threads

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