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AGENT NATEUR N ° 3 All-Natural deodorant is on our shelves now!! Dermaplus Skin + Body is excited to offer Agent Nateur N 3, an all-natural deodorant designed to smell fresh, last all day and prevent body odor. Made with high quality organic ingredients, this handmade formula consists of antioxidants and contains no GMO’s, parabens, sulfates, aluminum and petroleum. The BEST part about this product is, it really works!!

The philosophy behind this popular product is simple: Create a natural deodorant stick with healthy, organic ingredients that smells clean and fresh!

Below you will find a fabulous article written by Brit and Co. where you will find helpful “natural deodorant advice.” Enjoy!



I Tried Natural Deodorant for 6 Months + Here’s What Happened

Misty Spinney Wed Mar 23 2016

Nowadays, it’s totally normal to incorporate green or eco-friendly products in almost all aspects of your daily life, from all natural beauty products to chemical-free household cleaners and everything in-between. Me? I’m a sucker for anything all-natural. But for me, one area that I’ve had trouble converting over to is deodorant. I’ve wanted to love natural deodorants but every time I tried one — and I’ve tried a few — I dropped it as quickly as I picked it up. The reason? It didn’t work. Before getting too far into this, I have to tell you natural deodorant DEFINITELY WORKS, but there’s a caveat: you have to go through a small period of detox first. Trust me: I did it.

This process ended up being longer and more intense than I imagined, and then it sort of turned into the attempt to find the best of the best. So I tried a series of brands in all different mediums over the last six months. My experience seemed crazy until I spoke to esthetician Andrea Lembkey, owner of Dermaplus Skin + Body, who was able to explain a lot of what I experienced in a way that made so much sense. She mentioned, “Just like with the skin on the face, when you transition to all natural products, there can sometimes be a ‘purging’ stage. This is a result of all the toxins and pent-up bacteria releasing out of the skin. So you may have an initial transitional phase, but like we tell our clients trying new skin care, push through those first two weeks, the results will be worth it!” I couldn’t agree more. Below, I’m outlining the natural deodorants I tried below, including all the pros, cons and — yep — smell factors. It’s about to get real.

I would say the major take away is that transitioning into natural deodorant is a commitment that you sort of have to just deal with. One hack to getting through the weird smell zone is to pack your deodorant in your purse and just re-apply throughout the day. This worked for me, and I promise you it’s SO worth the results — I feel so happy that I no longer have to wear chemicals on my underarms!
Want to get even more into snooping (and routinely using) natural products? Andrea suggested using the app Think Dirty (Free), which rates the toxicity level of products from 1-10 and has a breakdown of how each ingredient works, as well as suggests healthier alternatives. New obsession? I think so.”

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