All about eyes!

The month of  November is all about Eyes!

Here are  3  beauty tips to having beautifully defined, bright eyes…


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Bright Under Eyes!

Longer, Thicker, Darker Lashes!


Gorgeous Brows!

Here are 3 easy solutions to condition and maintain your eye area:

  • Dermaplus Vitamin K Eye Cream

This creamy formulation creates a healthier, youthful and brighter eye area.  The primary ingredient, Vitamin K, works to increase blood circulation, resulting in the reduction of of dark circles. Our Dermaplus Vitamin K eye cream is also full of lots of hydrating botanicals for anti-aging and natural plumping around the eye area. For ultimate freshness, we blend our eye cream right here at Dermaplus!

  • Lashes LTD– (Longer, Thicker, Darker)

This is a fabulous secret to growing in sparse eyebrows and lashes!
A blend of vitamins and botanicals to naturally condition and enhance your brows and lashes to become longer, thicker and darker!
When the lash and brow follicle is conditioned and healthy, it works to naturally accelerate hair growth and strengthen to prevent breakage! Best part: It’s chemical free!

  • Eyebrow definition

We love shaping eyebrows! It is a simple trick we use to give the appearance of a more defined and refreshed eye area. Our talented estheticians at Dermaplus work with your brows to create the perfect shape for you.  Nothing brightens and defines the eyes more than a beautifully defined brow!

vit k
{Our arsenal of Dermaplus custom blended eye treatments!}
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