Dermaplus Beauty Bar!

Welcome to our new…

                    Beauty Bar!

Right here at Dermaplus AND on our Online Store!!

We just recently converted our product area at Dermaplus into a fabulous “Beauty Accessory Bar“! In addition to our famous Hand Bended Dermaplus products, we now offer innovative, top of the line tools and accessories that enhance and support healthy skin! 

The Dermaplus Team has researched, tested and narrowed down our absolute favorite and “must have” skincare accessories, such as: 100% Silk Pillowcases, The Makeup Eraser, natural deodorant, cleansing tools and much more!

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Beauty Sleep!

Beauty Sleep!


Now at DP…100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases!
Made with organic, non-absorbent material, these pillowcases not only feel divine, but also are effective for acne prevention and anti-aging! They are made with the highest quality Organic Mulberry Silk and are 400 Thread count with side flap enclosure.

Here are the benefits of using Silk pillowcases:

Pure Mulberry Silk is composed of animal proteins containing 18 essential amino acids that nourish skin and prevent unnecessary aging. Amino acids give out a special molecule substance found to create a sense of calm and peaceful emotions as well as promote sound sleep.

Unlike other fabrics made with chemicals, “Silk” is a natural fiber extracted from the silkworm. The weaves in silk are much tighter than that of other materials, creating the smoothness that helps maintain soft and healthy hair while you sleep. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how smooth and crease-free your hair will look each morning

Doctors and Dermatologists commonly recommend natural fibers for bedding for those who suffer from allergies, eczema or who have to remain bed ridden for long periods of time. “Silk-fibroin” in silkworm is capable of absorbing and transpiring sweat and moisture, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Sericin, the protein contained in silk, prevent the invasion of mites and dust, lessening allergans. Interestingly, Silk has similar structure of that of human skin, which makes silk bed linens wonderfully soft and anti-static.



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Dermaplus Holiday Cheer!

Dermaplus Holiday Cheer is here!

Gift someone this Holiday Season with one or all of our 3 Holiday Specials!
(Available when you book in the month of December!)


Remember, you can also shop for all of your favorite Dermaplus Skin Care products on our Online Skin Boutique!

 Receive a COMPLIMENTARY Home Dermaroller Kit when you visit dermaplus med-aesthetics for a Medical Micro Needling Treatment.
This Original Derma-roller is the highest quality device available on the market for Micro Needling skin.
Medical Grade Micro Needling involves the use of tiny needles to create micro-perforation. This precise stimulation helps to create more collagen, elastin synthesis, as well as scar reduction as the skin repairs and heals itself. A tremendous benefit to this at-home derma-rolling process is enhancing the depth of which ingredients penetrate the skin.


 Receive a COMPLIMENTARY Collagen Under Eye Treatment
when you receive our famous Signature facial.
Our Signature facial is an indulgent yet effective treatment that is customized and designed to address all skin types.
Our complimentary COLLAGEN UNDER EYE BOOST is a luxurious, cooling gel patch that delivers extreme hydration and collagen synthesis all while firming and brightening the eye area!


Look extra fabulous at your next Holiday party with our all-natural spray tan!
Our Personalized Spray Tan is a wonderful way to achieve a natural sun tan look without the harmful side effects from the sun. An All Natural solution is gently spray evenly onto your skin by a professional. Ultimate, instant GLOW!

Now is the perfect time to take action with your skin!

Just mention this email to take advantage of these Specials and treat yourself to healthy skin with visible results!

Customized Facials, Laser Treatments, Spray Tan, Waxing.
It’s all right here, and so are we, to help!

Happy Holidays,


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Hello, Bright Eyes!

Hello, Bright Eyes!

Now at Dermaplus, Under eye sheet & gel masks to add to your Dermaplus Facial and for at home use!


We are always testing new treatments and working to bring the best to Dermaplus! Brighten and BOOST your under eyes instantly with DP Aqua Collagen Sheet Mask for at-home use! These concentrated masks are drenched in a potent essence that works to plump and firm the skin around the eye. It is formulated with Marine collagen, vitamins, and liposomes to refresh, renew, smooth and nourish the Under Eye area! *1 for $8 or 3 for $20!



For the ultimate indulgent treatment, include our EYE BOOST add-on to your Signature Facial! When you indulge in the Eye Boost Treatment, you will receive the addition of a series of steps to visibly de-puff and brighten the under eye area. Including a High Frequency under eye treatment as well as the Collagen and Peptide infused under eye Gel Patch Mask. *Add-on $20!



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Ending Skin Care Myths!

Ending Skin Care Myths!


Pictured: {The Team of Dermaplus Estheticians, ready to bust some myths!}

Many of our clients ask us great questions about skin care regimes and product ingredients. We are still amazed at some of the myths that people believe to be true. We are here to breakdown the 6 most common myths about skin care and products!

MYTH #1 “All alcohols in skin care products are bad for your skin”
There are good and bad alcohols in skin care products and it’s important to know the difference!

Harmful alcohols can damage your protective barrier, create inflammation, strip and dehydrate skin and make oil production and irritated skin worse. These types of alcohols we are referring to are called ETHANOL alcohols, which you’ll most often see listed as
SD alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol, or Alcohol denat (Denatured alcohol).

Safe alcohols are known as FATTY alcohols, which are non-irritating alcohols. Examples you’ll see on ingredient labels include cetyl, stearyl, and cetearyl alcohol. These alcohols are good for the skin and actually moisturize. **These fatty alcohols are beneficial to have in skin care products to help the penetration of important ingredients and keep the product sterile.**

“DIY ‘kitchen skin care’ is healthier & better for the skin”
We’ve all seen it on Youtube and Facebook; people teaching you how to mix and stir your own skincare products in cute and colorful bowls using organic ingredients conveniently located in your kitchen, but we have had numerous clients come in with rashes, dehydrated and inflamed skin from using at home ingredients.

We do not recommend DIY homemade skin care.
There, we said it.
It can drastically backfire. Ingredients like baking soda, egg whites, oatmeal or apple cider vinegar…just to name a few…can be incredibly harsh on the skin. And although ingredients like avocado and banana may not be horrible for the skin, THE FACT IS – the molecules in “food grade” ingredients are just not small enough to penetrate your skin and work effectively. So while not all DIY recipes may be bad for the skin, most are just not potent enough to make a difference.

“Pores open and close“
Contrary to popular belief that pores open and close, we are here to tell you, they do not.

Pores do not have muscles, so applying heat or cold compresses to the skin does not have any impact on their size. Though heat will soften sebum in the skin, aiding in extraction of debris to allow the pores to appear cleaner and smaller. AND P.S. – since we are on this topic, always wash your skin with lukewarm or cool water- hot water can cause irritation and increase redness in the skin and inflame rosacea skin.
Cool water = Calm skin // Hot water = Inflamed skin.

“The more expensive, the higher the quality”
Have you ever fallen victim to the $200 La Mer Eye Cream?
We understand, it happens. The beautiful label, the pungent fragrance, and the high price surely must validate for rare, exotic and exceptional ingredients, right? Sorry folks. This is called superb marketing at its finest and the proof is in doing your research on the quality of ingredients listed.
(See our clean product rating blog post).

The fact is OTC (over the counter, drug or department store) ingredients are all very similar in quality and far different from “professional grade.” Professional grade ingredients in skin care products can only be carried by a licensed professional, therefore the quality of ingredients will be more potent which provide better results for the skin.

“You don’t need SPF when the sun isn’t out”
UVA rays are Aging Rays. They penetrate through clothing, glass and yes…CLOUDS! In fact, the worst damage can occur when it is overcast and we are not using protection. Very deceiving, we know! Always use sunscreen on a hot or cloudy day…free radical damage is always present!

“You should choose your skincare based on your age”
Age is not a skin type. You must choose skin care products based on your specific skin care goal.

Not everyone in the same age group has the same skin type.
For example, “mature” skin types don’t need to focus on anti-aging products and young teens don’t all need to use acne skincare.
At Dermaplus, our goal is ALWAYS to ensure HEALHTY skin first. Focusing on healthy, balanced looking skin always ends up attaining initial skin care goals in the end; which is clear, healthy, supple looking skin.
Visit us to help you determine what skin care you need for your skin type!


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The Dermaroller!

Results, results results, It’s all about results!

Dermaroller is the most current and effective breakthrough treatment in addressing anti-aging and problematic skin. This natural medical treatment has been all the rage as seen in the media and proven to drive dramatic results. After months of research and extensive training from the leading medical doctor for Dermaroller, Dermaplus Med Aesthetics is proud to have been one of the first in San Francisco to offer this innovative treatment!

Finally, visible results for:

  • acne/pitted scars
  • burn scars
  • stretch marks
  • hyperpigmentation
  • aged/ lax skin

kimAs seen on The Kardashians, as “the vampire facial”.

The dermaroller is a cylindrical shaped drum, studded with very fine needles. It is a medical device used in micro needling therapy to break down old scar tissue and to stimulate skin cells to proliferate. This cell multiplication results in the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibers as well as new capillaries for an improved blood supply. The procedures are called Scar Reduction Therapy (SRT) and Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). Prep time required, very little downtime needed.

Now you know Kim Kardashian’s (and many other celebrities) secret to beautiful, healthy skin!
Book now to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Registered Nurse/Nurse Practitioner and to learn more about The Dermaroller program!

Don’t worry, your secret will be safe with us;)


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Natural Deodorant!

Go Natural!


AGENT NATEUR N ° 3 All-Natural deodorant is on our shelves now!! Dermaplus Skin + Body is excited to offer Agent Nateur N 3, an all-natural deodorant designed to smell fresh, last all day and prevent body odor. Made with high quality organic ingredients, this handmade formula consists of antioxidants and contains no GMO’s, parabens, sulfates, aluminum and petroleum. The BEST part about this product is, it really works!!

The philosophy behind this popular product is simple: Create a natural deodorant stick with healthy, organic ingredients that smells clean and fresh!

Below you will find a fabulous article written by Brit and Co. where you will find helpful “natural deodorant advice.” Enjoy!



I Tried Natural Deodorant for 6 Months + Here’s What Happened

Misty Spinney Wed Mar 23 2016

Nowadays, it’s totally normal to incorporate green or eco-friendly products in almost all aspects of your daily life, from all natural beauty products to chemical-free household cleaners and everything in-between. Me? I’m a sucker for anything all-natural. But for me, one area that I’ve had trouble converting over to is deodorant. I’ve wanted to love natural deodorants but every time I tried one — and I’ve tried a few — I dropped it as quickly as I picked it up. The reason? It didn’t work. Before getting too far into this, I have to tell you natural deodorant DEFINITELY WORKS, but there’s a caveat: you have to go through a small period of detox first. Trust me: I did it.

This process ended up being longer and more intense than I imagined, and then it sort of turned into the attempt to find the best of the best. So I tried a series of brands in all different mediums over the last six months. My experience seemed crazy until I spoke to esthetician Andrea Lembkey, owner of Dermaplus Skin + Body, who was able to explain a lot of what I experienced in a way that made so much sense. She mentioned, “Just like with the skin on the face, when you transition to all natural products, there can sometimes be a ‘purging’ stage. This is a result of all the toxins and pent-up bacteria releasing out of the skin. So you may have an initial transitional phase, but like we tell our clients trying new skin care, push through those first two weeks, the results will be worth it!” I couldn’t agree more. Below, I’m outlining the natural deodorants I tried below, including all the pros, cons and — yep — smell factors. It’s about to get real.

I would say the major take away is that transitioning into natural deodorant is a commitment that you sort of have to just deal with. One hack to getting through the weird smell zone is to pack your deodorant in your purse and just re-apply throughout the day. This worked for me, and I promise you it’s SO worth the results — I feel so happy that I no longer have to wear chemicals on my underarms!
Want to get even more into snooping (and routinely using) natural products? Andrea suggested using the app Think Dirty (Free), which rates the toxicity level of products from 1-10 and has a breakdown of how each ingredient works, as well as suggests healthier alternatives. New obsession? I think so.”

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San Francisco Magazine

Dermaplus is featured as “Best Facialist in San Francisco”!!


BIG NEWS!!!✨ We are honored to announce Dermaplus has won “BEST FACIALIST” IN SAN FRANCISCO in San Francisco Magazine’s “Best of San Francisco” issue!

Enjoy the Digital Article here!: SAN FRANCISCO MAGAZINE


RUN to the stands for the paper copy!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.22.23 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.22.34 PM

Photocred: Modern Daydream Living

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Avoid pesky blackheads

The Blackhead Battle

*Reposted courtesy of Popsugar*

We all deal with blackheads — you know, those pesky dirt-and-oil-clogged pores on your face that never seem to go away. But don’t be too quick to write them off as a natural occurrence from environmental aggressors. While factors like pollution and humidity are certainly a big cause of blackheads, they’re far from the only cause. In fact, there are plenty of things you’re guilty of on a daily basis that are causing the common skin condition, from using the wrong type of products for your skin to not properly removing your makeup. Keep reading for the five things you need to stop doing now if you want a clearer complexion.

1. Working out with makeup on

Working-out-makeupThe problem: Forgetting — or worse, neglecting — to wash your face prior to a rigorous workout can lead to blackheads, breakouts, and irritated skin. Your pores open when you sweat in order for your skin to breathe, so it’s important that you don’t block them by wearing heavy makeup.

The solution: Remove your makeup before a sweat session with a gentle cleanser and clean washcloth and again afterward to clear away the sweat and grime.

2. Not properly washing off oil-based makeup

FullSizeRenderThe problem: Wearing oil-based makeup can increase the risk of blackheads and breakouts if not properly washed off. For instance, mineral oil is a common ingredient used in makeup products as a way to help skin retain moisture. Because of the physical barrier it creates on the skin to reduce water loss, it can end up clogging pores.

The solution: Mineral oil is colorless, odorless, and long lasting, which is why it’s a popular ingredient to include in cosmetics. Always read the ingredient list of your makeup products and look for ingredients like liquid paraffin, paraffin oil, petroleum oil, or white oil. Use a toner everyday and scrub three to four times a week, especially if using oil-based products or on heavier makeup days, to help clean out your pores, reduce redness and irritation, and ultimately help prevent blackheads that can be caused by makeup.

3. Washing your face before you shower

The problem: Cleansing your face before hopping into the shower may actually be a wasted step. Residual product from shampoo or conditioner can trickle down to the skin on your face and clog your pores.

The solution: Make sure to cleanse your face as the final step in your shower routine (or immediately after you step out) to wash away any residual product from your shampoo or conditioner.

4. Sleeping on a dirty pillowcase

Sleeping-dirty-pillowcaseThe problem: Your pillow absorbs the sweat, dirt, and makeup from the surface of your skin while you sleep — and then transfers all that grime directly back to your skin. Because of this cycle, your pillowcase may be teeming with pore-clogging bacteria that can cause breakouts and irritation along your cheeks, temples, and jawline.

The solution: Be sure to put a fresh pillowcase on your pillow every three days to avoid perpetuating the cycle.

5. Wearing hats too often

The problem: Whether you’re living in your favorite hat or switching between a few, bacteria gets trapped under the skin on your forehead and around your hairline every time you break a sweat.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

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Think Dirty, Shop Clean.

This is Exciting News!!


Our custom blended, Signature Skin Care line has been thoroughly analyzed, assessed and rated by Think Dirty; the best and most comprehensive App which rates beauty products on the basis of clean, toxic and chemical free ingredients in the market.
With ZERO being the cleanest rating, our Dermaplus Skin + Body Signature Skin Care products received a score of 0-1!!!

Think Dirty, Shop Clean!
From hair care to skin care, this latest app is the easiest way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetic and personal care products.

It’s so easy to use:
To find out what your skin care products rate, simply scan a barcode or enter the name or your product in question. A breakdown of ingredients and a description of why they are good or not-so-good will appear!
The rating is based on a scale from 0-10 (10 being the worst)

After careful consideration for healthy skin care alternatives, Think Dirty has hand selected our Dermaplus Skin + Body Signature Skin Care products to be listed under their special category, “Our Picks!”



Swap out those toxic products you thought were good for your skin and make the switch over to clean, healthy, professional grade products that actually deliver results!!

thinkd(Yes, that is $400+ La Mer cream rating a 9 on the toxic level. Need we say more?)

Shop Dermaplus Skin Care on Think Dirty, or on our Online Skin Boutique!



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