Summer-Time Skin Savers

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It is official, Summer is here!
Who isn’t excited to spend the next few months outdoors?
Hiking, swimming, barbeques and absorbing the sunshine is what Summer time is all about! It also means preparing yourself and your skin so you can prevent unnecessary sun damage all while being ready to wear your favorite summer outfits!
Read on to learn about our helpful “Skin Saving” tips so you can be ready for Summer without damaging your skin!


SPRAY TANS– We know!! You’ve been working inside your office all winter long, and all of a sudden, Summer is here and you want to wear your favorite sundress, but sigh, your legs are pale white.
Don’t be that girl who bakes her skin in the sun, all in one day to steal some color. Call us!
Our all-natural Spray Tan is the perfect alternative to the harmful sun.
Dermaplus Spray Tans are completely personalized to your skin tone and are known for natural looking, streak-free results!
Super quick and saves your skin from sun-damage!


DP SPF 30 GEL– Yes, a GEL!
Our cooling, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory Sun Protection is a light, whipped formula that spreads smoothly onto your skin without any stickiness or residue. Over exposure to the skin is the leading cause of accelerated aging, wrinkles, redness, brown sunspots and skin cancer. Always remember to reapply throughout the day!
Plop one of our SPF’s in your beach bag and you are set to go!


DP SKIN RECOVERY GEL– The name says it all!
Have you had and extra long flight and your skin looks and feels dehydrated? Perhaps a little too much fun in the sun over vacation? We understand. This special gel mask works magic as it heals, nourishes, and deeply hydrates the skin. Filled with water and essential vitamins and botanicals, your skin will bounce back instantly after using this mask!



AQUA COLLAGEN EYE BOOST– It is a fact that our body loses water while in flight. The skin is the first place to feel and see that dehydration. Dermaplus’s trick- Using our under eye collagen mask! Apply while on the plane or right after a flight! This will help to prevent water loss, while it visibly smoothes and brightens the eye area! Arrive to your destination bright eyed and refreshed!



FACIAL + LASER GENISIS TREATMENT– This miraculous treatment is the ultimate way to help get skin ‘back on track.’ Our Signature facial is completely customized to address your skin’s needs, and it is the perfect precursor to refresh and hydrate the skin prior to Laser treatment. Laser Genesis will work from the deepest place in the skin to repair and rejuvenate skin cells. These two treatments combined together are also known as “the dream team” here at Dermaplus!


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The Magic Behind Dermaplus

The Magic Behind Dermaplus..

Since 2001, Dermaplus Skin + Body has seen tremendous growth.
This growth has always come organically, through the wonderful referrals of our clients.
Dermaplus has always relied solely on its hard work and effective skincare treatments to result in such positive feedback and testimonials.

Some clients have even gone so far as to write reviews and publish articles about Dermaplus and our team in prestigious magazines such as Allure, 7×7 and SF Magazine as well as popular Blogs like GOOP, Gal Meets Glam, and Daily Candy and many more.

We feel very honored to have grown the business in this manner and are so grateful for each and every public recognition!

Our commitment for continuous growth has manifested rapidly as we hire on more members to our team, expand and add new, innovative services to our menu. It is a pleasure to serve our clients and we feel proud the results can speak for themselves.

In 2014, I became the new owner of Dermaplus. Since then, I have learned many things about what it takes to keep a healthy business thriving.
Most importantly, I have learned what it takes to run a successful business.

It takes a TEAM.

It takes the right people who bring the perfect mixture of chemistry, work ethic, loyalty and passion for helping people. Without these characteristics in each individual, Dermaplus could not be what it has become today. We are committed to providing you the most advanced level of education and a truly personalized experience. We are committed to providing the most advanced level of education and a truly personalized experience for our clients. Our commitment is to ensure our clients feel understood, nurtured and that we deliver the results they seek for their skin!

We take pride in providing results, and are passionate about custom blending our Dermaplus skincare products weekly, so that our clients receive the freshest ingredients available. Incorporating the medical side of skincare is a wonderful and important asset to the business as well. Laser Hair removal,  Laser Genesis and many other Med Aesthetic treatments have helped hundreds of our clients with skin issues, that could not be helped otherwise. I cannot begin to express the feeling we all have when we are able to make a difference in one of our client’s lives.

We are integrating “Holistic Nutrition” into our Service Menu. Our Registered Nurse, Nancy, will be offering consultations on whole body wellness and nutrition beginning in a few months. We believe that having healthy skin isn’t only because of what we put ‘on’ our skin, but also what we put ‘inside’ our body.

So THANK YOU to all of you for over 16 years of support! We couldn’t do what we love to do if it weren’t for you!


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Louis Vuitton 2017 San Francisco City Guide!

Louis Vuitton 2017 San Francisco City Guide!


Dermaplus is in LOUIS VUITTON 2017 San Francisco City Guide! We are incredibly honored and running out to pick up a copy of this book right away!


“Owner Andrea Ghigliazza runs this five-room med spa, with a small team of fellow aestheticians(and Registered Nurse), established in 2001. The space is sleek and minimalist, sparsely adorned with white lacquer shelving and contemporary furniture. In addition to waxing and laser hair removal, the spa has earned a particular following for its expert facials. Dermaplus forgoes trendy gimmicks, providing customized, meticulous treatments designed to combat signs of aging, weather damage and breakouts. Aestheticians use the botanical-based-in-house line, alongside products from True, Obagi, and Jan Marini to solve individual skin issues. Regulars swear by Laser Genesis, a thirty-minute add-on that gently warms and stimulates the skin to soothe chronic redness and dryness. Every Facial concludes with a meditative neck, shoulder, hand and foot massage.”

You can check out Dermaplus’s write up in Louis Vuitton’s City Guide book


OR through Louis Vuitton City Guide app!


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The Jade Roller!

The Jade Roller Is Here!!

Now available at Dermaplus Skin Boutique and on our Online Store!


Read on to learn all about this fabulous de-puffing and de-toxing massage tool!

*Original content from*


Okay, these are so much better than cucumber slices. Rolling smooth, cold jade stones over your skin—using chic little beauty tools called jade rollers—has been playing a beauty booster role in skin-care treatments.

The idea comes from a centuries-old beauty tradition. Jade rolling is believed to have been practiced by wealthy Chinese women, and jade is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a healing semi-precious gemstone and is considered a sign of power and immortality, which is how it found its way into holistic spas.

What is jade rolling?

It’s not going to make you immortal (wouldn’t that be something), but rolling jade across the skin will get you glowing. It revs up circulation, de-puffs the eye area, and improves skin elasticity—and since it promotes lymphatic drainage, it’s detoxifying.

It can help calm and even out your complexion, and make it noticeably less puffy, defining your cheekbones, jawline, and brows (as we can attest).

While the idea of using jade stones on your face sounds exotic, it’s actually pretty simple to DIY this beauty trend, and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

So put on your sweatpants (or fancy spa robe), light a candle, and do your jade rolling at home.”

To Use:

  • Massage over freshly cleansed skin.
  • You may roll over one of our amazing Dermaplus masks to enhance product penetration or once you have applied your serums and moisturizer.
  • Roll/massage in down and outward motions, to encourage lymphatic drainage.
  • Use the large end for the full face to massage and stimulate collagen synthesis as well as calm redness and brighten skin tone.
  • Use the small end for under the eyes for de-puffing, and in the contours of your cheeks for sculpting.

We simply sit it by our bedside table, and reach for this little guy while laying in bed with a book! Roll, Roll, Roll your way to calm, radiant skin!


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Pucker up!

Pucker up for

Valentine’s Day!

We are offering 2 “LIP PLUMPING SPECIALS” that will make your lips extra soft and oh so kissable…just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Good for the entire month of February!!



Receive a COMPLIMENTARY “Gold Infused”, Collagen Lip Mask when you purchase a minimum of $80 on our ONLINE SKIN BOUTIQUE! (Pre tax and shipping)

It is said that Cleopatra wore a gold infused mask to bed every night to maintain her youthful beauty. Gold has been used for beautifying the skin and credited for reducing fine lines, sun damage and age spots. This unique gold lip mask is drenched in plumping, firming and anti-aging ingredients for luscious, kissable lips!





Purchase the HOME DERMAROLLER and our DP COLLAGEN LIP MASK together for a sweet savings of $55!

You pay only $175 for both products! (Valued at $230)

How it works: Simply roll the at-home Dermaroller over your lips and then gently apply our healing Gold Infused Lip Mask. You will be amazed at how soft, plump and kissable your lips will be! Learn more about the benefits of at-home Dermarolling HERE!

*Must consult with Nurse upon purchase*

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Customized Facials, Laser Treatments, Spray Tan, Waxing.
It’s all right here, and so are we, to help!


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The Home Roller!


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Recently, many of our clients have been inquiring about the
Micro-Needling services we offer here at Dermaplus Med-Aesthetics.
We use only the best products available on the market for both our professional Micro-Needling treatments and at-home Dermarolling use. This is why we have chosen THE DERMAROLLER!

For most clients, using the at-home Dermaroller has been something that has peaked their interest and we wanted to educate our clients better on this facial instrument. We thought it would be a great idea to write about this treatment and explain exactly what
THE DERMAROLLER does, and how it works!

Micro Needling/Dermarolling is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles.

THE DERMAROLLER is a cylindrical shaped drum, studded with very fine needles. It is a medical device used in Micro Needling Therapy to break down old scar tissue and to stimulate skin cells to proliferate. This cell multiplication results in the formation of new tissue layers of elastin, collagen fibers and capillaries for an improved blood supply to the skin.

THE DERMAROLLER is German engineered with the finest quality materials available and created with precise craftsmanship. “DERMAROLLER” is a Medical line only distributed to licensed professionals, so you can feel at ease and trust you are receiving an amazing service with the safest possible device on the market, for both professional treatment and
at-home use.

The at-home DERMAROLLER is a handy roller that has the needle depth of .02mm. It can be used as a continuation to maintain the results of your skin after your professional treatment or used to slowly smooth out skin overtime. Unlike the Medical Dermaroller (administered by our registered nurse,) using the at-home DERMAROLLER has zero downtime and minimal to no discomfort.

**PLEASE NOTE**  Many of the at-home Micro-Needling Rollers you will find online are very poorly made. They have been known to contain unsafe metals, blunt and crooked needle tips that can slice the skin rather than puncture properly. There have even been incidences of needless breaking off into the skin while rolling. Severe damage to the skin can occur if not instructed properly on how to use this device. PLEASE- do not gather your instructions from an “internet beauty guru,” or purchase a low grade roller from Amazon. Please visit us for a complimentary consult to get the facts about Dermarolling.

Skin MUST be cleansed thoroughly before using THE DERMAROLLER.
-Roll the device over your skin 2-3 times weekly.
-Roll vertical, horizontal and diagonal, including lips and neck.
-Continue with your evening skincare routine recommended by your skincare professional.
-Alternatively you can roll a specific product directly onto your skin such as a hydrating gel mask for deeper product penetration.

We strongly suggest you meet with our skincare professionals to discuss the options that would best suite your skin concerns.

Immediately after using the at-home DERMAROLLER, your skin will feel warm from the circulation and your products will have absorbed much deeper into the skin. As early as the next day, after rolling, your skin will look more plump and rejuvenated. Results will only increase when used consistently, and over time your tone will become more even, texture will be smooth, fine lines will soften and the overall health of your skin will be much improved!

We want to help you reach your skin care potential, quickly and effectively. Please visit us for a complimentary consultation where we can answer all of your questions about Micro Needling.
When you purchase an at-home Dermaroller, our R.N. will work closely with you to create a custom fit plan for your specific skin.

See you soon to help you roll your worries away!!


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Dermaplus Beauty Bar!

Welcome to our new…

                    Beauty Bar!

Right here at Dermaplus AND on our Online Store!!

We just recently converted our product area at Dermaplus into a fabulous “Beauty Accessory Bar“! In addition to our famous Hand Bended Dermaplus products, we now offer innovative, top of the line tools and accessories that enhance and support healthy skin! 

The Dermaplus Team has researched, tested and narrowed down our absolute favorite and “must have” skincare accessories, such as: 100% Silk Pillowcases, The Makeup Eraser, natural deodorant, cleansing tools and much more!

Happy Shopping,


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Beauty Sleep!

Beauty Sleep!


Now at DP…100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases!
Made with organic, non-absorbent material, these pillowcases not only feel divine, but also are effective for acne prevention and anti-aging! They are made with the highest quality Organic Mulberry Silk and are 400 Thread count with side flap enclosure.

Here are the benefits of using Silk pillowcases:

Pure Mulberry Silk is composed of animal proteins containing 18 essential amino acids that nourish skin and prevent unnecessary aging. Amino acids give out a special molecule substance found to create a sense of calm and peaceful emotions as well as promote sound sleep.

Unlike other fabrics made with chemicals, “Silk” is a natural fiber extracted from the silkworm. The weaves in silk are much tighter than that of other materials, creating the smoothness that helps maintain soft and healthy hair while you sleep. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how smooth and crease-free your hair will look each morning

Doctors and Dermatologists commonly recommend natural fibers for bedding for those who suffer from allergies, eczema or who have to remain bed ridden for long periods of time. “Silk-fibroin” in silkworm is capable of absorbing and transpiring sweat and moisture, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Sericin, the protein contained in silk, prevent the invasion of mites and dust, lessening allergans. Interestingly, Silk has similar structure of that of human skin, which makes silk bed linens wonderfully soft and anti-static.



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Dermaplus Holiday Cheer!

Dermaplus Holiday Cheer is here!

Gift someone this Holiday Season with one or all of our 3 Holiday Specials!
(Available when you book in the month of December!)


Remember, you can also shop for all of your favorite Dermaplus Skin Care products on our Online Skin Boutique!

 Receive a COMPLIMENTARY Home Dermaroller Kit when you visit dermaplus med-aesthetics for a Medical Micro Needling Treatment.
This Original Derma-roller is the highest quality device available on the market for Micro Needling skin.
Medical Grade Micro Needling involves the use of tiny needles to create micro-perforation. This precise stimulation helps to create more collagen, elastin synthesis, as well as scar reduction as the skin repairs and heals itself. A tremendous benefit to this at-home derma-rolling process is enhancing the depth of which ingredients penetrate the skin.


 Receive a COMPLIMENTARY Collagen Under Eye Treatment
when you receive our famous Signature facial.
Our Signature facial is an indulgent yet effective treatment that is customized and designed to address all skin types.
Our complimentary COLLAGEN UNDER EYE BOOST is a luxurious, cooling gel patch that delivers extreme hydration and collagen synthesis all while firming and brightening the eye area!


Look extra fabulous at your next Holiday party with our all-natural spray tan!
Our Personalized Spray Tan is a wonderful way to achieve a natural sun tan look without the harmful side effects from the sun. An All Natural solution is gently spray evenly onto your skin by a professional. Ultimate, instant GLOW!

Now is the perfect time to take action with your skin!

Just mention this email to take advantage of these Specials and treat yourself to healthy skin with visible results!

Customized Facials, Laser Treatments, Spray Tan, Waxing.
It’s all right here, and so are we, to help!

Happy Holidays,


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Hello, Bright Eyes!

Hello, Bright Eyes!

Now at Dermaplus, Under eye sheet & gel masks to add to your Dermaplus Facial and for at home use!


We are always testing new treatments and working to bring the best to Dermaplus! Brighten and BOOST your under eyes instantly with DP Aqua Collagen Sheet Mask for at-home use! These concentrated masks are drenched in a potent essence that works to plump and firm the skin around the eye. It is formulated with Marine collagen, vitamins, and liposomes to refresh, renew, smooth and nourish the Under Eye area! *1 for $8 or 3 for $20!



For the ultimate indulgent treatment, include our EYE BOOST add-on to your Signature Facial! When you indulge in the Eye Boost Treatment, you will receive the addition of a series of steps to visibly de-puff and brighten the under eye area. Including a High Frequency under eye treatment as well as the Collagen and Peptide infused under eye Gel Patch Mask. *Add-on $20!



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