Bronzed and glowing



If you have been an avid follower of our monthly blogs, then you are definitely familiar with PLS!

And for those who are new here to our site, and wondering “What is PLS?” Let us give it to you straight…PLS stands for Pale Leg Syndrome.  It is very real and it is here!
This week’s  heat wave in San Francisco is the initial kick-off to summertime… and ghostly white legs are walking the sunny streets of this gorgeous city…And it ain’t pretty ladies.
But have no fear, we have just the solution to treat this temporary issue…Its called a Personalized Spray Tan!

Look bronzed the healthy way with our 2 Tanning Specials this month. It’s simple!

SERVICE OF THE MONTH–    Personalized Spray Tan: $10 off Thursdays

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH–  Jane Iredale Tan & Bronzing products: 10% off


Personalized Spray Tan: Our All Natural solution is gently sprayed evenly onto your skin by a professional, giving your skin a natural golden tan. The tan solution we use has gained popularity by being used to bronze the beauties on the show “Dancing With The Stars!”
Refer to our service menu to learn more about our Spray Tan and pre and post directions.

Mineral Bronzing: It is important to remember that healthy skin has a lot to do with the quality of makeup you use. Many makeup lines have a high content of chemicals and artificial dyes.
Create a golden glow naturally, with Jane Iredale bronzers. These beautiful bronzers are packed full of nourishing minerals and antioxidants!  We offer you 2 tanning options:

1.) Tantasia: A self tanner and bronzer that can be used for both face and body. This lightweight lotion combines a unique blend of ingredients to instantly tint as well as gradually build to create a natural looking tan.
This is a self tanner without the chemicals!

2.) Pressed Powder Bronzers: Create a natural looking radiance with these beautifully pigmented bronzers. These mineral bronzers give a gorgeous luminous glow!


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