Brown spots!


We get asked this question almost everyday by our clients.

Our Response: “It’s Hyper-Pigmentation.”
The Cause: Pretty much from the sun. However, there’s more to it……
The Solution: Read on…

Free Radicals in the Sun’s UVA rays (Aging Rays), cause mutation to our skin cells. These damaged skin cells can lead to various skin conditions, such as:

(The brown spots and patches you see on skin. )

Different types of HYPER-PIGMENTATION:

  • LentiginesMultiple freckles
  • Solar Lentigines – aka: Sun Spots, Age Spots and Liver Spots. These brown spots are directly caused from Sun exposure.
  • Melasma -aka: Pregnancy Mask. Melasma is caused by hormonal changes due to pregnancy/birth control. It typically worsens with Sun exposure, even after it lightens or disappears or even discontinuation of birth control, the sun can Re-trigger the brown spots.

    Some other common skin issues from Sun exposure:

  • Extended Capillaries – aka ”Broken Capillaries” (The red ones) These visible capillaries characterized by thin, red, squiggly looking vessels, are not actually “broken” but are dilated and enlarged. Sun exposure can enhance this redness.

  • Sagging/Skin Laxity- The major cause of skin laxity is of course, sun exposure; sun exposure causes collagen to break down at a faster rate than with the absence of the sun. Fine lines, wrinkles and folds appear on our face, exactly where we don’t want them to appear.

Now that you know what causes these “Spots”, what can you do?

Come visit us!
We offer both PREVENTATIVE and CORRECTIVE alternatives.


  • Personalized Spray Tan: So you don’t have to sit in the sun for asun kissed glow!
  • SPF: DP SPF 30 is extremely effective and doesn’t feel heavy on theskin. We also have Coola Suncare for the body.
  • Mineral Make Up: Fresh Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up for daily sun protection


  • IPL treatments
  • Obagi Medical Skin Lightening System
  • Hydroquinone pads

    Don’t become another random photo with black lines across your eyes, showing off your sun damage.
    It doesn’t have to be this way for you and your skin; we can help!


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