Dermaplus Updates!

Hi Everybody,

As the Autumn months begin to approach the Bay Area, I wanted to take this time, before the hustle and bustle of the holidays begin, to re-connect and to update everyone about some exciting things happening here at Dermaplus Skin + Body!

We are booking up quickly, (two months in advance), and would highly encourage everyone to schedule their appointments now so that we are better able to accommodate appointments during the busy holiday season.

Our commitment to our clients has always been and will always be, to offer the best services and products available. The Dermaplus Team continues to remain strong as we work closely together this season to provide knowledge and support in achieving everyone’s individual goals for healthy skin!  Trust in us that we will always provide the most updated information on skincare possible. With that being said, our team couldn’t be more excited to bring 2 new services and 1 amazing new product that compliments our passion for beautiful skin!


  • NUTRITION CONSULTATIONS– This new program is offered by our Registered Nurse and Nutritional Consultant, Nancy Valerio. She has always been a “nutritional enthusiast” and is now certified to be able to offer her extensive knowledge on health and nutritional supplements based on the program “Eating for Health.”


  • FACIAL CUPPING – a delightful treatment to add on to our Signature facial. Lymphatic drainage techniques used to reduce puffiness, and water retention in the skin. We couldn’t be happier with the results!


  • LAVENDER MILK MASK– Finally, after much research to find the purest form of Lavender, we found a spectacular resource which grows and sources the freshest lavender available. We have it delivered straight to us from the farm so we are able to offer our clients the freshest ingredients in our mask. COMING SOON!


Thank you for being a Dermaplus client!

   It has been our pleasure to bring you the best of the best!

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