Ending Skin Care Myths!

Ending Skin Care Myths!


Pictured: {The Team of Dermaplus Estheticians, ready to bust some myths!}

Many of our clients ask us great questions about skin care regimes and product ingredients. We are still amazed at some of the myths that people believe to be true. We are here to breakdown the 6 most common myths about skin care and products!

MYTH #1 “All alcohols in skin care products are bad for your skin”
There are good and bad alcohols in skin care products and it’s important to know the difference!

Harmful alcohols can damage your protective barrier, create inflammation, strip and dehydrate skin and make oil production and irritated skin worse. These types of alcohols we are referring to are called ETHANOL alcohols, which you’ll most often see listed as
SD alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol, or Alcohol denat (Denatured alcohol).

Safe alcohols are known as FATTY alcohols, which are non-irritating alcohols. Examples you’ll see on ingredient labels include cetyl, stearyl, and cetearyl alcohol. These alcohols are good for the skin and actually moisturize. **These fatty alcohols are beneficial to have in skin care products to help the penetration of important ingredients and keep the product sterile.**

“DIY ‘kitchen skin care’ is healthier & better for the skin”
We’ve all seen it on Youtube and Facebook; people teaching you how to mix and stir your own skincare products in cute and colorful bowls using organic ingredients conveniently located in your kitchen, but we have had numerous clients come in with rashes, dehydrated and inflamed skin from using at home ingredients.

We do not recommend DIY homemade skin care.
There, we said it.
It can drastically backfire. Ingredients like baking soda, egg whites, oatmeal or apple cider vinegar…just to name a few…can be incredibly harsh on the skin. And although ingredients like avocado and banana may not be horrible for the skin, THE FACT IS – the molecules in “food grade” ingredients are just not small enough to penetrate your skin and work effectively. So while not all DIY recipes may be bad for the skin, most are just not potent enough to make a difference.

“Pores open and close“
Contrary to popular belief that pores open and close, we are here to tell you, they do not.

Pores do not have muscles, so applying heat or cold compresses to the skin does not have any impact on their size. Though heat will soften sebum in the skin, aiding in extraction of debris to allow the pores to appear cleaner and smaller. AND P.S. – since we are on this topic, always wash your skin with lukewarm or cool water- hot water can cause irritation and increase redness in the skin and inflame rosacea skin.
Cool water = Calm skin // Hot water = Inflamed skin.

“The more expensive, the higher the quality”
Have you ever fallen victim to the $200 La Mer Eye Cream?
We understand, it happens. The beautiful label, the pungent fragrance, and the high price surely must validate for rare, exotic and exceptional ingredients, right? Sorry folks. This is called superb marketing at its finest and the proof is in doing your research on the quality of ingredients listed.
(See our clean product rating blog post).

The fact is OTC (over the counter, drug or department store) ingredients are all very similar in quality and far different from “professional grade.” Professional grade ingredients in skin care products can only be carried by a licensed professional, therefore the quality of ingredients will be more potent which provide better results for the skin.

“You don’t need SPF when the sun isn’t out”
UVA rays are Aging Rays. They penetrate through clothing, glass and yes…CLOUDS! In fact, the worst damage can occur when it is overcast and we are not using protection. Very deceiving, we know! Always use sunscreen on a hot or cloudy day…free radical damage is always present!

“You should choose your skincare based on your age”
Age is not a skin type. You must choose skin care products based on your specific skin care goal.

Not everyone in the same age group has the same skin type.
For example, “mature” skin types don’t need to focus on anti-aging products and young teens don’t all need to use acne skincare.
At Dermaplus, our goal is ALWAYS to ensure HEALHTY skin first. Focusing on healthy, balanced looking skin always ends up attaining initial skin care goals in the end; which is clear, healthy, supple looking skin.
Visit us to help you determine what skin care you need for your skin type!


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