How much product do I use?!

How much product do I use?!


We get it, when products feel and smell as lovely as our DP Skin Care line, its tempting to slather mass amounts of it over the skin!!

Though, we are here to help guide you to use the appropriate amount for your skin and concern. Overuse of products and ingredients are very common, leading to overstimulation in the skin and running out of your products very, very quickly. Keep in mind, our products are very pure, plant based ingredients as well as professional grade. This means, you don’t need to use too much product, due to a very high concentration of active, potent vitamins and botanicals.

We have put together a simple users guide for all of our products!:

Cleanser/Exfoliating/Benzoyl Peroxide Cleanser: Dime size amount. Wet hands, and work into a foamy lather.

Hydrating Toner: 3-4 sprays onto a cotton round and sweep over skin OR spritz directly on face and sweep off with a cotton round.

Salicylic Toner: 1-2 pumps on a cotton round, sweep over skin.

Moisturizer/Hydrator: Dime size amount.

SPF 30 Gel: Size of a quarter.

Vitamin K Eye Cream: A pea size between two pinkies, apply in a complete circle, on the app lid and under eyes.

Serums: 5-7 drops in the palm of you hand, sweep hand together and spread evenly over skin.

Skin Oil: 3-5 drops, pat over moisturizer.

Bamboo Enzyme Scrub: Dime Size amount. Combine in with your cleanse, or use alone after cleansing for concentrated exfoliation,

Recovery gel mask: Apply a generous amount, the size of a walnut to full face and massage in.

Mineral Clay Mask: Layer an opaque amount -size of an almond- over skin, on top of recovery gel or on it’s own. The layer should be thick enough that you will not be able to see your skin peeking through.

Lavender Milk Mask: Scoop a tablespoon amount into a bowl, add half amount of water. Blend and apply with a mask brush.

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