Lashes, Lips and Love…OH MY!



February is best known for it’s one day of Love, Valentine’s day. However, at Dermaplus, we think that the whole month of February is the best time to give LOVE and attention to yourself, especially your lashes and lips!

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH–    LTD and Lip Therapy: 10% off

SERVICE OF THE MONTH–  $25 off Restylane Injections!


Lashes: Bat your eyelashes all month long! Strengthen and condition your own natural lashes by using our Chemical-Free lash treatment, “LTD”. (Longer, Thicker and Darker) In addition, LTD is very effective for eyebrow growth.

Lips: Soothe and hydrate your winter lips with our botanical based, all natural “Lip Therapy.”  We add peppermint and raspberry oil to make it all the sweeter.   If you need a little help in the “plumping” department, ask our RN for a little Restylane;  an injectable made of  hyaluronic acid, (a natural sugar compound.)  This miraculous solution does wonders to create smoother, kissable lips!

Say “hello” Valentine!


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