Luxurious to apply, a dry skin savior, pretty on your vanity, and MAJORLY popular right now. Slowly dropping a vile of oil on the skin has even become an iconic intro to almost any glowy makeup tutorial on Instagram. The term “Dewy Dumpling” has become a goal amongst radiant skincare lovers. But are we using the right ones + in the right way?
When it comes to oils, I find it can be a biiit of a trigger word amongst clients; it’s usually hate it or love it!
While those who are breakout prone tend to stay away, dryer skin types often enjoy using oils as much as possible— in cleansers, serums, moisturizers and pure or blended oils. A non-comedogenic oil certainly has its place (for most skin types) in your routine. It can provide excellent nourishment in healing the acid mantle (the protective layer that shields us from bacteria, environmental pollutants and moisture loss.) A damaged one can suffer from dehydration, excess oil, acne and sensitivity.
However, as the market explodes with new oils (often beautifully packaged + adorably named), it’s important to understand how they differ:
NUT/SEED OILS (coconut, argan, marula, kukui and sunflower seed) are HEAVIER oils that may clog the skin.)
PLANT OILS (jojoba and squalene) are light, smaller in molecular size + absorbent, providing effective healing without overdoing it. Found in @dermaplus Skin Oil, Chamomile Cleanser + Moisturizer, plant oils are super effective conditioners, and readily absorbed by the skin since the makeup of both jojoba + squalene is so similar to the oil our body produces naturally. (Though olive branch derived, squalene is even produced by the human body already!) This high compatibility with your skin’s own oils makes it less likely to cause buildup/breakouts.
Think of oils as a powerhouse healer, a bodyguard + protective final seal OVER a hydrating moisturizer— just remember ☝️ not all oils are created equal, and the golden Dewy rule: everything in moderation.We can help you find the right fit for your skin type!
-Esthetician Tess

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