San Francisco sunless tan!

sun fx tan

There are so many reasons to get a personalized spray tan, especially if you live in San Francisco during the foggy summer.
Without the sun, and with so many places to go and things to do in this beautiful city, how is a girl suppose to get her summertime glow?  Well, we San Franciscans do it the other natural way…. with spray tans. And not just spray tans; Personlized Spray Tans!

Whether it’s to look bronzed for a beach vacation get away, have a healthy glow for a special event, or just feel like a little color on your skin would help get you through the foggy days of summer,  then Dermaplus Personalized Spray Tan is definitely for you!

Our all natural, paraben, fragrance and streak free solution is gently sprayed onto your skin evenly by a spray tan professional.  We customize our solution to match your skin tone which leaves your skin with a flawless looking tan for 3-7 days, fading gradually! A beautiful looking tan without the harmful side effects of the sun! How great is that?

With my recent engagement and as a future bride-to-be, I have many events and parties that I am looking forward to attending in this upcoming year and a “personalized spray tan” will be “The-go-to” treatment for my special wedding glow!

Through the summer, spray tans are $35 on Thursdays! (normally $45)


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