Say goodbye to winter skin!

Good-bye Winter flakes, Hello New Spring skin!


We all know that a consistent skin regime is an important key factor to keeping healthy skin in between facial visits, but just like mother Nature creates anew every 3 months with the Changing of the Seasons, we also believe it is essential to change up your skin routine…

How, You ask?  Simply by Exfoliating…(properly.)
So which type of exfoliation should you use?
There are 2 ways: Physical exfoliation and Chemical exfoliation.

Physical Exfoliation:
Scrubs, buffing tools, microdermabrasion and Clarisonic brush systems.
Physical exfoliation removes only the top layer of dead skin cells by buffing away surface debris.  It is very important to research the right product for your skin, so you are not left with a granular scrub that is too harsh and causes damage to your skin.  (and yes, we are talking about you, St. Ives Apricot facial scrub!) If you like a scrub, be sure to choose one that contains spherical or rounded beads, like jojoba beads.  If you are looking to change your exfoliating process, may we suggest the Clarisonic brush system!  It is a phenomenal alternative to the scrub.  It’s soft micro bristles gently remove dead skin cells while it’s oscillating feature removes make up and debris up to 6 times more effectively then cleansing alone.  The Clarisonic brush comes in fun colors too!

Chemical Exfoliation:
You’ve got your AHA and your BHA.
AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid.  You may be familiar with the terms glycolic, lactic , citric and mandelic acids.
BHA stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid.  Salicylic acid.
The difference between these 2 popular acids is the solubility.
AHA are water soluble and do not penetrate very deeply into the skin. AHA work quickly and somewhat more aggressively because they eliminate the top layers of dead skin cells and results are more noticeable, faster.
BHA (salicylic acid) is oil soluble which often penetrates much deeper into the skin.  Due to the fact Salicylic acid penetrates slower because it penetrates deep, it is less irritating to the skin.  *It’s important to note here that just because Salicylic acid penetrates slower, doesn’t mean it is less effective.  Both AHA and BHA give the same results, but everyone’s skin may respond differently.
AHA are great for lightening damage caused by the sun, while the oil solubility of the BHA makes it better suited for clearing up clogged pores deep into the skin.
Both acids produce similar results.  If glycolic tends to irritate your skin, perhaps you may want to consider salicylic.


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