skin treatments

facial treatments

Your skin is unique, which is why we personally custom blend our skin care and home care products right here at Dermaplus.  Our custom blended formulations are used in all our skin treatments and designed specifically for your skin.

**All first time treatments include an in-depth consultation. We use our time together to evaluate your skin, discuss skin care goals, products, ingredients, and different treatment options.**

Our Signature Facial is designed to always address your specific skin type.  This 65 minute treatment includes a luxurious deep pore cleanse, light steam, soothing enzyme exfoliation treatment, gentle yet thorough extractions, nourishing facial massage, high frequency, and a triple layered, custom healing mask. Depending on your skin during the time of treatment, we may also include other various skin modalities and boosters such as cold rolling massage for calming inflammation, gentle peels, collagen treatment and facial cupping. Our goal is to make sure your skin receives everything it needs to make it balanced and healthy, all while relaxing in comfort! 

Treat yourself to the works!  This is our Signature facial with the addition of Ultrasound Therapy. Ultrasound Therapy utilizes ‘sound wave technology’ to provide a gentle yet deep exfoliation, negative Ion infusion, as well as healing and lifting to the skin.  This relaxing process allows for our proprietary blend of serums to penetrate deep into the skin’s fibers, enabling greater absorption. This deluxe treatment also includes a plumping and hydrating molding jelly mask, leaving your skin feeling soft and healthy!             

This is our Signature Facial with the addition of microdermabrasion. This treatment is designed to give the deepest exfoliation to the top surfaces of the skin.  The ultimate fresh glow! 

Receive maximum results for healthy glowing skin by combining our Signature Facial followed by a Laser Genesis. No downtime needed.   


Due to evenings and weekends being our most desired appointment times, we are booked up 2+ months in advance. We highly recommend that you schedule your appointments 6-8 weeks in advance.