Spray Tan


spray tan

Personalized Spray Tan $45

Personalized spray tanning is the absolute latest in technology to achieve a natural sun tan look without the harmful side effects from the sun.
An All Natural solution is gently sprayed evenly onto your skin by a professional, giving your skin a natural golden tan.
Our system is equipped with a drying mechanism that allows for immediate drying, to avoid streaking. No waiting around to dry and no messy barrier creams are needed in our sessions.The entire tanning process takes only about 15 minutes!

How to prepare
  • For best results, exfoliate your entire body with oil-free products the day of your appointment.  A dry brush or oil-free scrub is best!
  • Avoid applying any moisturizers/lotions prior to your session.
  • Be sure to have all waxing, shaving, mani/pedis done the day before your appointment.
What to wear
  • Most women prefer to get a spray tan done in the nude.  However, if you feel more comfortable wearing undergarments, please do so.  The solution should not stain most materials with exception of leather and silk.
  • Men must always wear underwear or a bathing suit.
  • We recommend to bring dark loose clothing to change into after your appointment.
What to expect
  • Immediately after your session, your skin will appear as if it has a natural, light-golden warm glow.
  • To ensure best results, do not shower or perspire before 6 hours.
  • After showering the bronzer off, your new natural tan will appear.  Be sure to moisturize to keep your tan lasting longer.  Unfortunately, when the skin exfoliates, the tan goes with it.
  • Keep in mind, everybody’s skin is different and the solution will respond differently to various skin types. Shades of color may vary. Almost always, the results look very natural.
How long will it last?

Everybody’s skin is different.  Some tans last 3-5 days, others can last 7 or more days.  Chlorinated pools and hot tubs will make the tan fade faster.

Important Information

The spray tan solution does not have any sun protection or sunscreens.Please be sure to use sunscreens when outdoors.*Bring a friend and you both receive $5 off your Spray Tan session!