Skin + Body


Wellness Skin Boutique

Our name means we focus on both skin AND the body.
SKIN: Our skin treatments are unlike no other. We combine both a holistic and medical approach towards healthy, balanced skin because we know there are many ways to achieve desired results.
BODY: Our nutritional/wellness program offers consultations with our certified Nutrition Consultant, Registered Nurse – Nancy.
Nancy studied with the Holistic Nutritional program at Bauman College and brings her extensive knowledge to Dermaplus and to all of our clients who want specific breakdown of their physiological body types, health, food allergies and more.
🌿Nutrition is so much more than just “eating healthy.”
It’s important to recognize that each individual may require a different treatment plan or nutritional needs.
Visit a certified professional when it comes to your skin + health, and get the facts!:)
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