Skin Care Tips and Tricks!

The Secret is Out!


Here at Dermaplus, we don’t keep secrets…

We believe Knowledge is Power, so in today’s Blog, we are dishing on all of our favorite tips for healthy, beautiful skin!
Our approach to optimal skin is very unique! It’s all about customization … from our customized facials, to our hand-blended customized skincare products, we always design our treatments and products based on you!

We have always been committed to ongoing education and now we want to share with you some very easy skin care tips that we have learned over the years that can make a big difference in keeping your skin happy!

Here are a few things you can do in between your visits with us to maintain your skin’s health!

DITCH THOSE “NATURALLY CRUSHED” SCRUBS – “Crushed apricot shells,” “pulverized fruit pits” and “natural sand” might sound appealing because they are natural and organic materials, but they can be incredibly harsh. Ground and crushed materials can have very rough and abrasive edges, causing micro scratches called “fissures” in the skin. This is a breeding ground for bacteria, as well as a major factor to skin irritation, causing break outs and infection.
Opt for an exfoliation scrub that has “spherical” beads instead, meaning they have been rounded to provide a gentle exfoliation.
Tip: Here at Dermaplus, we offer an amazing 100% Organic skincare line!
J. Sabatelli cleanser has eco friendly rounded bamboo and Jojoba beads designed to gently slough off dead skin cells while cleansing your skin. We also offer our own Dermaplus Exfoliating Chamomile Cleanser which is hand blended with Eco Friendly rounded micro crystals.

SWITCH FROM HOT TO COLD – Hot water can over-heat the skin, causing redness as well as strip away the outermost layer of the epidermis, leading to dry, scaly skin. Wash your face in tepid to cool water! The benefits are endless! This trick is centuries old. Queens used to take Ice baths for vanity! We aren’t recommending you fill your tub up with ice, however cool water does help to calm puffiness and inflammation in the skin as well as bind hydration in your sweat glands.
Tip: We offer the cooling and soothing Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller. You too can diffuse redness and calm inflamed skin, right at home!

FACE MASSAGE- Don’t just slap on your cleanser and rinse, make a relaxing treatment out of it! Gently work in your cleanser in a circular motion and give yourself a mini facial massage! Facial massage is very beneficial because it helps to circulate, drain lymphatic toxins, stimulate cells, regenerate collagen and plump the skin.
Tip: Treat yourself! Take your time and massage those tired facial muscles while you cleanse!

BACK ACNE aka “BACNE” – Most, not all, but most Back Acne is usually caused by shampoos and conditioners. Hair products can easily drizzle down your back while rinsing in the shower and can remain on your back all day long. These thick ingredients that help ensure your hair to be soft and moisturized are also the same culprits that can prevent your skin from breathing.
Tip: Try washing and exfoliating your back AFTER shampooing and conditioning your hair. Also- tie your hair up in a bun as to not have it laying on your back after you shower. Ditch OTC products like Pantene and Herbal Essence, which are known for carrying ingredients that can irritate the skin. And don’t be fooled, even some products claiming to be “organic” can trigger a Back breakout. Give us a call and we can recommend some of our favorite non-irritating shampoos and conditioners.

SWEAT IT OUT THE RIGHT WAY- Working out and sweating is a great way to flush out toxins that have been harboring inside sweat glands. Keep in mind however, your skin is purging impurities and bacteria along with sweat. Synthetic materials such as spandex and rayon can prohibit the skin to breathe properly because it traps in sweat and toxins, leading to breakouts on the body and even creating ingrown hairs.
Tip: Choose to wear all natural, cotton athletic clothing to allow the skin to breathe. Showering immediately after a workout also helps cleanse away dirt and dead skin build up!

SAY GOODBYE TO SCENTED SUDS – Pay close attention to your laundry detergent! It may contain loads of skin irritants. Detergents and fabric softeners often have a very high concentration of fragrance and perfumes. You don’t want it in your skin care products, why would you want it on your pillow case! This could lead to breakouts, rashes and dry skin. We recommend switching to an all- natural brand.
Tip: Believe it or not, Trader Joe’s detergent is a winner!

“SWIPE” DOWN THOSE CELL PHONES – Do you ever think about what bacteria and creepy crawlers could be growing on our cell phone? Well we think about it all the time! Eeeek!
Tip: Next time you are swiping your phone to the left, be sure it’s with a disinfecting wipe! Be sure to frequently wipe down your phone with an alcohol wipe to disinfect all of those germs that could otherwise be pressing right into your cheeks! We recommend these all-natural wipes..

HYDRATE + DETOX – Water, water, water! Yes, we know you know it, but Hydration really is the link to healthy skin! Hydration starts from the inside out. Dislike plain water?
Add a fresh squeezed lemon! Lemons support liver and kidney function, and research has proven there is a clear connection between healthy organs and healthy skin.
We always offer refreshing Lemon water at Dermaplus. Your treatment actually begins in our waiting room!

Do you have any go-to tricks and tips?
Please share them with us on our Facebook, Instagram or Email us at We would love to hear your secrets too!


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