Spring Time Balancing Act

Spring Time Balancing Act!


It is a very special time of year, here in the Bay Area when the flowers begin to bloom, the sun shines brightly all day long, and you can smell fresh, sweet “Spring in the air.” Ahhh!

Unfortunately, along with these seasonal changes can sometimes bring with it; Skin Allergies! These unwanted allergens can cause skin to feel dry, itchy and unbalanced!

Dermaplus Skin + Body is highlighting a very beneficial product this month to help soothe redness and balance your skin!

DP HYDRATING TONER has many purposes for your skin, which makes it the perfect product to have in your skin regime at all times! Not only is our Toner the ideal solution for soothing allergy prone skin, but it is also a very important step in the skin cleansing process.

Our Hydrating Toner formulation is a high concentration of hydrating and healing botanicals with potent water-binding agents to provide powerful anti-aging properties to the skin. Plant C Stem is also infused into our Toner to protect and repair skin from external, environmental allergens and free radicals.

It is also very important to balance the PH (Potential Hydrogen) in your skin. Environmental factors and “added drying agents” to skincare products play a major role in creating unbalanced, dry and oily skin. Thank goodness our Hydrating Toner is very effective at correcting this skin issue. It is specifically designed to balance skin’s PH, in addition to clean out dirt and make up residue left behind from cleansers. Our light, silky Toner instantly hydrates, cools, and soothes skin, leaving it feeling invigorated! In addition to it’s healing properties, we infuse a natural Raspberry Oil that smells “oh-so fresh” and reminiscent of Spring berry picking!

We personally custom design our products to fit your skin type, lifestyle and yes…even the climate you live in!


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