Suga Suga

Got a sweet tooth?

SUGAR + SKIN. 🍭🍩🍷🍦
It’s never the sweetest topic of discussion in a treatment room, because hey, we all have our little joys in life… often chocolate and rosé are those joys! In an ideal world, we could have our cakepop and control our breakouts too. I’ll spare you a lecture on why you should go completely sugar-free, but I do think it’s important to understand WHY and how sweets (and yes, even natural sugar-loaded açaí bowls and smoothies) can compromise the skin— so you can make fun, but like, informed choices, in a world full of #national donut, ice cream, cookie, etc. days.
Sugar (whether natural or artificial fructose) has a number of toxic effects on the body because of GLYCATION: when sugar depletes our beloved, valuable collagen (and also has a number of implications for the skin.)
The cherry on top of the sundae (sorry) is sugar’s ability to inflame the skin by breaking down and pulling out much needed moisture, resulting in:
+ dullness
+ dehydration and inflamed acne
+ fine lines
+ a greater susceptibility to pollutants, irritants and sun damage
+ candida overgrowth resulting rashes(rash like breakout), lesions, keratosis pilaris, pustules or flaky texture
At the end of the day, it’s your body, your skin, YOUR dessert menu, but also a matter of protecting your skin as an investment. Serums, skin treatments and facials are all beautiful, important things, but (and I’ll say the thing you already know) *internal* self care is ultimately just as key. Just know it never hurts to take a vacation (or even just a roadtrip for starters) from glycation. -Signed me Esthetician Tess, your dentist, and your mom, probably.

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