Summer-Time Skin Savers

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It is official, Summer is here!
Who isn’t excited to spend the next few months outdoors?
Hiking, swimming, barbeques and absorbing the sunshine is what Summer time is all about! It also means preparing yourself and your skin so you can prevent unnecessary sun damage all while being ready to wear your favorite summer outfits!
Read on to learn about our helpful “Skin Saving” tips so you can be ready for Summer without damaging your skin!


SPRAY TANS– We know!! You’ve been working inside your office all winter long, and all of a sudden, Summer is here and you want to wear your favorite sundress, but sigh, your legs are pale white.
Don’t be that girl who bakes her skin in the sun, all in one day to steal some color. Call us!
Our all-natural Spray Tan is the perfect alternative to the harmful sun.
Dermaplus Spray Tans are completely personalized to your skin tone and are known for natural looking, streak-free results!
Super quick and saves your skin from sun-damage!


DP SPF 30 GEL– Yes, a GEL!
Our cooling, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory Sun Protection is a light, whipped formula that spreads smoothly onto your skin without any stickiness or residue. Over exposure to the skin is the leading cause of accelerated aging, wrinkles, redness, brown sunspots and skin cancer. Always remember to reapply throughout the day!
Plop one of our SPF’s in your beach bag and you are set to go!


DP SKIN RECOVERY GEL– The name says it all!
Have you had and extra long flight and your skin looks and feels dehydrated? Perhaps a little too much fun in the sun over vacation? We understand. This special gel mask works magic as it heals, nourishes, and deeply hydrates the skin. Filled with water and essential vitamins and botanicals, your skin will bounce back instantly after using this mask!



AQUA COLLAGEN EYE BOOST– It is a fact that our body loses water while in flight. The skin is the first place to feel and see that dehydration. Dermaplus’s trick- Using our under eye collagen mask! Apply while on the plane or right after a flight! This will help to prevent water loss, while it visibly smoothes and brightens the eye area! Arrive to your destination bright eyed and refreshed!



FACIAL + LASER GENISIS TREATMENT– This miraculous treatment is the ultimate way to help get skin ‘back on track.’ Our Signature facial is completely customized to address your skin’s needs, and it is the perfect precursor to refresh and hydrate the skin prior to Laser treatment. Laser Genesis will work from the deepest place in the skin to repair and rejuvenate skin cells. These two treatments combined together are also known as “the dream team” here at Dermaplus!


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