We are thrilled to introduce a brand new
Facial to our already incredible menu of services:


This DELUXE Facial includes THE WORKS!
The FACIAL PLUS is our DP Signature Facial with the addition of Ultrasound.
Ultrasound technology works to provide a gentle, deep exfoliation, clearing out pore congestion at deeper levels. It also aids in product penetration, repairing cells, and lifting skin by micro current and stimulating collagen production. In addition, the FACIAL PLUS includes an incredible molding jelly mask which forms to your skin to promote plumping and hydration.

This truly is the ultimate treatment if you are in need of a more in-depth facial! Gentle exfoliation and deep absorption of our active ingredients for lifting, deep nourishment and rejuvenation!

This treatment utilizes the “Ultrasonic Spatula” throughout the Facial in many different modes to perform:

  • Deep exfoliation & softening of debris and congestion from ultrasound and ultrasonic pulses.
  • Aids in Extractions.
  • Infusion of Dermaplus Customized Serums deep into the skin.
  • Negative Ion infusion for Free Radical neutralizing, resulting in healing of environmental and sun damaged cells.
  • Micro current for lifting and toning.



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