The Obagi Results Are In!

The Obagi Challenge Results Are In!

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Having clear, healthy skin may look like it’s easy to attain, but it takes careful consideration to find the right skin care regimen for each individual person.
As skin care professionals, it is our job to research and experiment with many different ingredients so we know first hand which skin care products deliver results. Our primary goal has always been to offer our clients the best products possible and to ensure results!
This is why the Dermaplus Team enrolled in the 3 month
“Obagi Challenge” back in October of 2015!

Please read more about the Obagi Challenge here

Now that the Dermaplus Team has officially finished the 3 month
“Obagi Challenge,” below you will find our very own testimonials regarding the different experiences we had using this amazing medical grade Obagi NuDerm System! You will also see our
Before and After comparison photos as well.

Skin type & concern: Oily, Hyper-pigmentation.
I struggle with hyper-pigmentation and melasma. The tiny freckles and brown patches on my skin are caused by past sun damage and birth control. Melasma, caused by birth control, is most prominent on my upper lip area, which is characterized by a darkened band un the upper lip area. (This is very common in most women who are on birth control or who have recently been pregnant, as it is caused by hormones.) Melasma can also be recognized as symmetrical patches of pigment underneath the eyes or on the forehead, or generally anywhere on the skin.

image1.PNG-2OBAGI TRANSFORMATION: For years, I have tried almost every product to lighten the brown patches on my skin! After only 2 weeks of using the Obagi NuDerm System, I was thrilled and amazed to see the pigmentation on my face begin to fade. It has been 3 months now, and my skin has drastically transformed. The freckles on my cheeks have completely diffused, and the darkness on my upper lip and chin area are barely noticeable. My skin’s texture is much softer and much more even looking, and I noticed that my mineral makeup applies on much smoother. Since my skin is on the oily side, and I keep it extremely hydrated, I didn’t experience much of “the peeling” from using the Retin A, which I was initially nervous about. All in all, I am absolutely amazed at the transformation my skin has made from using the Obagi products. I plan on continuing to use the Retin A in conjunction with my everyday Dermaplus skin care routine, and will likely revisit The Obagi System in the future when and if I need another extra resurfacing!

– – –

Skin type & concern: Oily and acne prone.
I have oily, congested skin and have always battled with breakouts. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that the red marks on my face from old blemishes, last a lot longer due to the natural aging process and slower skin cell renewal. This past year, I noticed that I have developed some faint melasma on my chin upper lip. I have had to focus on applying extra makeup to those areas and rarely went out in public without wearing makeup to cover it up.
IMG_3259OBAGI TRANSFORMATION: I was very impressed to see that within a couple of weeks of using the Obagi Nuderm System, my congestion had cleared up dramatically. This wasn’t really a result I was counting on but the incorporation of Retin A really made a difference in my skin, especially since breaking out was the main cause of my scarring. My skin’s tone and texture has evened out a great deal. I no longer need to use make up to cover up any pigment! In my mind, I assumed this system would be ideal for anti-aging and sun spots only, but I am very impressed at the over all transformation of my skin. I would urge anybody that is unhappy with their skin and is wanting to see a positive change to give this the Obagi NuDerm System a try!

– – –

Skin type & concern: hyper-pigmentation/sun damage/dry skin/acne prone/ and some fine lines.
My skin is more fair than most and I did not wear sun protection growing up by the beach. Most of the freckles due to sun damage appear on my cheeks, and some light scarring on my chin from previous breakouts. The fine lines around my eyes are also due to the dryness of my skin.
FullSizeRender-11OBAGI TRANSFORMATION: The over all texture of my skin is much softer and smoother, and the occasional dry patches I used to get have lessened greatly. My biggest concern was that I am in my early 20’s, and fine lines were setting in around my eyes. I have to say that I am truly amazed at how the skin in that area has smoothed out drastically. The hyper-pigmentation has faded dramatically on my cheeks and the breakouts around my chin have calmed down. The scarring from the previous breakouts continue to fade, as I remain using the Retin A. Since I have dry skin, I did encounter a lot of peeling when starting the system, but after about 2-3 weeks, it subsided!

– – –

Skin type & concern Oily skin/acne/acne scars
I have had a constant battle with acne in my adult life, which has lead to persistent scarring that created a very red undertone all along my jaw line. I did notice great improvement to my skin after giving up dairy and corn (This required a lot of trial and error, but with the process of elimination, I finally narrowed it down!) Even though my diet changed for the better, I still had congestion and cystic acne on and around my jaw line as well as the lingering scarring.

FullSizeRender-8OBAGI TRANSFORMATION: I actually never thought I had hyper-pigmentation issues with my skin, until I observed it disappearing after a month of using the Obagi NuDerm System! Since using the Obagi products, my complexion has evened out tremendously. Not only has the tone brightened but the texture of my skin is completely smooth. I have very oily skin, so my skin has always looked extremely shiny, but it has balanced out and I now have a dewy, HEALTHY glow! The Obagi NuDerm System also trained me to be diligent about applying topical Vitamin C to my skin and it has now become one of my favorite products and an absolute “must have” in my skin care routine. Overall, my acne has improved a lot and I just need a good tune up every once in a while with the addition of a Dermaplus Signature facial. I visited Hawaii 2 months into using The Obagi NuDerm System, so I am now finishing the Obagi products to keep hyper-pigmentation away that resurfaced during my trip!

– – –

Skin type & concern: Dry, aging skin.
I grew up on the beach and have pigment and fine lines associated with age and excessive sun damage.

FullSizeRender-9 OBAGI TRANSFORMATION: This is the 2nd time using the Obagi NuDerm System and I use it on my face, neck and chest. I did the first round of Obagi about 3 years ago and the Before and After comparisons of my skin were so drastic. My skin prior to using the Obagi was almost unrecognizable. I wanted to do another round of Obagi to give my skin a boost and work on brightening up some pigment that had came back, in addition to smoothing out texture and fine lines. Once again, my skin responded beautifully! This time the tone of my skin seemed to response most drastically, and I cannot believe how much more bright my skin looks. It is quite the compliment when those believe my age to be younger because my skin looks so vibrant! I will continue to use Obagi NuDerm about every 2 years although I will remain on Retin A .05% indefinitely as it really continues to keep my skin feeling smooth and firm!

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