The power of Essential Oils


FullSizeRender-3Essential Oils are indeed, “Essential.”

Throughout time, these ancient oils have always been a trusted source to turn to in aiding with various health issues as well as elevating human (and even animal) emotion. Essential oils are so powerful and effective that at one point in history, they were actually considered more valuable than gold!

People are once again realizing the powerful effect these aromatic oils can have on the mind, body and spirit.
“At- home diffusers,” “scented candles” and even essential oil based “cleaning products” are becoming a staple in most homes and at the work place as an attempt to bring “peace and tranquility” to an otherwise stressful environment.
Essential Oils are mostly used for the beautiful aroma they infuse into the air creating a calming environment, but… did you know that they contain healing and soothing properties that can help clear up certain skin conditions such as acne/rosacea (and much more), when applied to the skin?

Dermaplus Skin + Body knows the positive effect essentials oils can have on skin when applied topically. We carefully hand-select each essential oil used in all of our facial treatments. We know that adding 100% pure essential oils to all of our plant-based ingredients in our Signature Skin Care line is a wonderful way to ensure results for your skin.

LAVENDER: Infused into our DP SALICYLIC TONER. Lavender is the most versatile of all oils. It is a cell rejuvenator, antiseptic, immune-stimulant, has calming, balancing and well-being properties. It is noted for soothing burns, easing headaches, sore muscles, as well as helps with sinus issues and insomnia.

ORANGE: Infused into our DP CHAMOMILE CLEANSER. Refreshing, purifying, and calming. Creates a sense of overall wellbeing. Attributed to its properties as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, carminative, diuretic, tonic and sedative.

Credited with anti-bacterial properties. It is refreshing and soothing and non- irritating to inflamed skin. Peppermint helps relieve itching, reduces skin redness. It’s cool, calming and invigorating sensation brings relief when applied to the skin.

“Wait!” you say…”cucumber is not an essential oil?!”
Well, we have this special oil delicately blended together using specific essential oils to mimic a refreshing cucumber aroma.

These specific essential oils include:

CLARY SAGE– promotes healing and helps balance estrogen levels.

BERGAMONT– credited with relieving stress and anxiety.

LIME– helps to restore energy and is said to promote coagulation.

GINGER– relieves anxiety and reduces inflammation.

GRAPEFRUIT – an antioxidant with the strength to uplift stress.

So the next time you use any of our Dermaplus Signature Skin Care products infused with 100% pure essential oils, be sure to take a deep breath in and know that clearer, healthier skin and ultimate relaxation are soon to follow!


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