The Power Of Laser Genesis

The Power of Laser Genesis

IMG_2350The word is catching on like “Wild Fire”…LASER GENESIS really WORKS!

It is remarkable to read the powerful testimonials about the drastic results and benefits Laser Genesis has been having on everyone’s skin. Although this is no surprise to us, as we have witnessed first hand over the years just how powerful these results can be, we are excited to know people are learning about this phenomenal laser treatment that we offer here at Dermaplus!

The Dermaplus Team has been receiving Laser Genesis monthly as part of our “Obagi Challenge.” ( learn more about the “Obagi Challenge” here) Laser Genesis is included in the “Obagi System treatment protocol” as a fabulous way to encourage collagen renewal and we must say, the results continue to amaze us!

Laser Genesis warms the skin below the surface. This “healthy heat” gently stimulates the body’s own natural healing response, and the texture of skin becomes remarkably soft and smooth! Our awesome registered nurse, Nancy, focuses on your individual skin issues. Whether your goal is to shrink pore size, diminish redness, decrease lines, create a smoother texture or even out skin tone, you will see a noticeable improvement after one 30-minute treatment. Optimum results are obtained with consistent treatments and best paired with our Signature Facial!

Furthermore, Laser Genesis has been the “Secret Facial Procedure” for many celebrities on the day of the Academy Awards. In a recent interview, model Kendall Jenner credits Laser Genesis for the dramatic improvement to her skin. Kendall confessed to self-esteem issues do to acne and scarring, and spoke about how Laser Genesis turned it all around for her skin! Click here to read the full article.


Below are some testimonials from our very own clients who have received the Facial + Laser Genesis Combo: (aka: the best treatment ever!)

“I first came to Dermaplus a little over a year ago in quite a desperate state. My skin was worse than it had ever been (worse than even teenage skin!) and nothing I did was helping. Thanks to routine Facial/Laser Genesis treatments, high quality products, and excellent skincare knowledge from the DP team my skin has done a complete 180. It might sound ridiculous, but to be able to go to the beach or get on an airplane without any makeup is seriously life changing!” -Stephanie

“My skin sparkles! I’m not kidding! Nancy RN and the Dermaplus ladies are the goddess’s of skin greatness! I am so thankful for this team! You are all skin whisperers!” -Callie

“The Dermaplus Facial/Laser Genesis combination has been an essential addition to my skin care regimen. Lizzie has been my Aesthetician for the past year and she has helped to me on the road to a clear, smooth complexion. The addition of Laser Genesis to my Facial routine has been amazing. My skin is clearer, brighter and healthier than it has ever been. Nancy is a true professional and has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my skin. I’m so grateful for the entire Dermaplus team and look forward to my treatments each month!” -Alexis


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