Think Dirty, Shop Clean.

This is Exciting News!!


Our custom blended, Signature Skin Care line has been thoroughly analyzed, assessed and rated by Think Dirty; the best and most comprehensive App which rates beauty products on the basis of clean, toxic and chemical free ingredients in the market.
With ZERO being the cleanest rating, our Dermaplus Skin + Body Signature Skin Care products received a score of 0-1!!!

Think Dirty, Shop Clean!
From hair care to skin care, this latest app is the easiest way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetic and personal care products.

It’s so easy to use:
To find out what your skin care products rate, simply scan a barcode or enter the name or your product in question. A breakdown of ingredients and a description of why they are good or not-so-good will appear!
The rating is based on a scale from 0-10 (10 being the worst)

After careful consideration for healthy skin care alternatives, Think Dirty has hand selected our Dermaplus Skin + Body Signature Skin Care products to be listed under their special category, “Our Picks!”



Swap out those toxic products you thought were good for your skin and make the switch over to clean, healthy, professional grade products that actually deliver results!!

thinkd(Yes, that is $400+ La Mer cream rating a 9 on the toxic level. Need we say more?)

Shop Dermaplus Skin Care on Think Dirty, or on our Online Skin Boutique!



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