You Asked, We Answered!

You Asked,

We Answered!

2015-04-06_20-42-37You heard us right, this blog is all about YOU!

Last week we asked what questions you had for Dermaplus?

Here are the answers just for you!


“Is SPF in makeup enough protection from the sun?”

Yes, if it is Mineral Makeup!

After researching many Mineral make up companies, we found Jane Iredale to be one of the best mineral make up formulations in the skin industry. Due to it’s 100% pure blend of minerals and all natural pigment, the SPF potency in Jane Iredale make up is uncompromised and acts as an effective sunscreen for daily use. It offers both UVA(aging rays) and UVB(burning rays) protection. The Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide used in Jane Iredale mineral base make up literally blocks UV rays by acting like tiny mirrors on the skin, reflecting and absorbing rays. Most OTC make up formulations contain artificial pigment that break down the efficacy of sun protection. Jane Iredale offers a 20 SPF in their powder formulations and a 25 SPF in their BB creams!

We always suggest layering sun block when being outdoors for more then 30 minutes. Using a sun block under your mineral make up will offer more protection from the sun. If you are commuting to work and have minimal exposure to sun, we feel the mineral make up is enough sun protection for daily use!

“How can I prevent oily skin after a long day at work?”

Well, here at Dermaplus, we would like to say, “embrace those oils!” Some day they will be gone and you will be missing them so!

However, we understand “mid-day disco ball” is not an ideal look. So in all seriousness, the “over production” of oils usually means the skin is unbalanced. It is possible that your skin could be dehydrated, from lack of water, from a drying cleanser, inefficient moisturizer, or even from the wrong make up, resulting in this “overcompensation” of oil. Oh- and those “oil blot sheets” you can buy at the local drug store; no-no, tsk-tsk! They can contain alcohol or other types of drying ingredients that quickly dry your skin out which initially make your skin appear less oily, but in actuality, these sheets encourage skin to produce more oil. (A head-wrecking cycle, we know.) Our recommendation is to stop by Dermaplus and speak with one of our Estheticians and we can go over what products you are using and take a quick peek at the ingredients. Of course, the best and most relaxing way to address this issue would be to come in for a Facial and let us get a good feel of your skin, as everyone’s skin is different.

What product/routine do you recommend for minimizing blackheads and large pores?”

Exfoliation is key!

Dead skin, dirt, debris and oil all accumulate throughout the day and settle into pores and harden, which eventually turn into blackheads. Exfoliating on a daily basis will help to slough away these impurities and prevent build up in the skin. Toners are a fabulous product that can help clean pores. The little bitty molecules in our awesome Toners are just the right size to get into your pores and clean out what cleansers can leave behind. Glycolic acid and salicylic acid products also provide a gentle, thorough form of exfoliation. Rumor has it that Dermaplus Custom Blended products work amazingly at addressing this issue. Coincidence or not? Come on in and find out for yourself!

“How do I know what type of Laser treatment is right for me?”

Do you remember sitting on a beach in your bathing suit, looking down at your bikini line and legs and saying to your friends sunbathing next to you, “someday when they invent a way to get rid of hair permanently, I’m totally doing it” ?

Well, a “way” has been invented and now you just need to book an appointment! Dermaplus has made it so easy as we have narrowed our Medical Treatments down to those that WORK!

*Do you still have a lot of questions and concerns regarding laser?*

Great!! Bring them all with you for your complimentary consultation with Nancy, our awesome RN. Dermaplus will help you decide on what treatment is best for you and your skin. Whether it is to reduce body hair, an IPL treatment to treat pigment and redness, or Laser Genesis to help give your skin an extra boost following a Facial…we will help you decide. You can rest easy now, you don’t have to figure it out on your own!

“How long does a Dermaplus Spray Tan usually last?”

Generally 5-7 days. Some of our clients have told us that their spray tan has lasted up to 10 days! (And we believe them!) After almost a decade of providing Personalized Spay Tans, we found the absolute best, longest lasting and most natural looking solution in the industry! It is even the exclusive solution used on “Dancing With The Stars!” (We’ll even let you do a dance after the session is complete if you’d like to do so.) Check out our website on proper care to extend the life of your spray tan.

“What is the wait time to get in for a Facial?”

Good question Julie!;) We do book up fast, but we have a cancellation list always on hand. We recommend booking at least 3 weeks in advance to schedule your preferred day and time. Evenings and weekends can book out a month in advance. A lot of our clients do facial treatments and then get a laser treatment with our RN, so to coordinate back to back appointments, we recommend calling ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you!

Have additional questions? No need to be shy! Always feel free to call, or email us at !

Glad we could help!:)


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